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The collection of articles (with links) below highlight the benefits getting kids active and out into the great outdoors.

ChildrenШysical Activity Drops From Age 9 to 15, NIH Study Indicates By 15, Most Fail To Reach Recommended Activity Level, July 2008
"The activity level of a large group of American children dropped sharply between age 9 and age 15, when most failed to reach the daily recommended activity level, according to the latest findings from a long-term study by the National Institutes of Health."

Balanced Living Magazine
髥s are good for your health, good for your wallet, good for the environment and they can be especially good for a child's development, bicycle can also be a developmental tool if a young person is given proper instruction. 髥s are a valuable means of teaching skills and increasing mobility and maturity,튠 says Ryan McKenzie. More...

Valuing the Benefits of Cycling
Executive Summary, June 2007
There is broad consensus that cycling offers tangible benefits for those who participate, but there are also wider benefits for society as a whole. The positive contribution to individualsꠠ health, to the environment, and to mitigating the problems of congestion is evident, but cycling also plays a role in providing more independence to children; improving the quality of life for communities and, in many areas, supporting tourism." More...

A Socioeconomic Analysis of Obesity and Diabetes in New York City
Jonathan B. Wallach; Mariano J. Rey, MD, July 2009
New York City is getting healthier by almost all measures, but the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes are getting worse by the year...Therefore, more focused efforts need to be undertaken to intervene in the demographic segments at highest risk to tackle more efficiently and effectively the only major health problem that is worsening in the city. More...

The Obesity Ebpidemic: NY Students
CDC: 2007 New York Youth Risk Behavior Survey
ᱥ were obese
沥 did not meet recommended levels of physical activity
㵥 watched television 3 or more hours per day on an average school day.

New York, NY

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